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A Decentralized Community Driven Project

Harcox Finance is a community DeFi project created to provide more accessible scaling solutions and serve humanity.

The Hope OF The Future

Metaverse is an open source decentralized, interoperable platform for programmable digital assets and digital identities built on Substrate.

Metaverse and virtual land ownership

Decentraland is a 3D virtual world

Nothing is truly free – in real life or on the blockchain. Therefore, land in the metaverse is going to cost you a bit of money.




$HF is a bsc native token and a decentralised community driven project. As such, the wish of the community will be carried out through a well organised community voting.

$HF will be automated via API integration with multiple exchanges, possibly including but not limited to: Bitstamp, Bitfinex, BTer, Bittrex and Poloniex. The full list of exchanges utilized will be available on our website when trading begins. Additional exchanges will be added when vetted and APIs with the minimum sufficient functionality are made available.

Harcox Finance NFT market place

Part of the scheme of the Harcox Finance project is to create an NFT market place where artworks and collectibles can be showcase and traded using the Harcox Finance token ($HF). Through the Harcox Finance collect app, users can buy, sell and trade premium, licensed and digital collectibles and other related virtual goods. Also equipments and facilities required to develop land spaces on the Harcox Finance metaverse can be developed, showcased and sold on the Harcox Finance NFT market place. Users can display their digital works, equipments and collectibles in their personal showrooms and create customized scenes with their digital collectibles and props.


The team behind the project Harcox Finance is taking strategic moves to ensure that there's massive publicity and adoption of the projects and it's native token. The most fundamental moves taken by our team is the creation of a futuristic and enticing Metaverse where both individuals and corporations can interact, have a fun filled experience in gaming, commerce and entertainment.

METAVERSE - Project Core

The core part the project is the Harcox Finance Metaverse, a virtual gaming world based in the year 2230. The main features of this metaverse are:

1. Decentralization in governance and finance.

2. Sci-Fi Aesthetics, like the use of droids and robotic schematics.

3. Interactions with aliens and inter planetary systems.

These are part of the visualised future for the human race. And in the Harcox Finance Metaverse, members will get first hand experience of what it feels like to live in a completely decentralized future with futuristic scientific aesthetics.

New games action
Apr 25-27, 2018

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Top 3 advantages of tokenization

Our Road Map

Our Road Map

STAGE 1 (2021)

STAGE 1 (2021)
- Harcox finance project announcement.
- Building the ecosystem.
- Core team developer and other units.
- Website development and launch.

STAGE 2 (Q1 2022)

STAGE 2 (Q1 2022)
- Whitepaper building and launch.
- Launch of social media communities(Youtube,Medium,Facebook, Telegram and Twitter).
- Harcox finance ($HF) token minting and establishment on Binance smart chain.
- Tokenomics launch.
- Creation of social media awareness for Harcox Finance project.
- Harcox Finance ($HF) token sale.
- Listing on Pancake swap and Kucoin
- Staking Platform Release.
- Listing on coin market cap and CoinGecko.

STAGE 3 (Q2 2022)

STAGE 3 (Q2 2022)
- Big brands Security Audits.
- Big brands marketing, referral campaign and advertising(Youtube,Medium,Facebook, Telegram and Twitter).
- Top centralized exchange discussions, liquidity negotiations and Listings (Binance,Kucoin,Coinbase,Gate,Kraken etc).
- Manual token burns.
- Building and Launching of Harcox Finance Metaverse.

STAGE 4 (Q3 2022)

STAGE 4 (Q3 2022)
- Big brands marketing and promotions on YouTube and Twitter.
- Tactical partnerships and good deals to help improve the project.
- Create token Bridge to swap $HF from BSC to other Chain(ETH, SOL, AVAX, POLYGON, FTM etc).
- Building and launching of Harcox Finance NFT Marketplace.
- Big brands partnerships and marketing.
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